Tubewell Drilling Consultancy
Any ground water development scheme requires drilling of tube wells for exploitation of ground water. Drilling of tube well requires a sound knowledge of the geological structures of the area.


can carry out specific geological studies, investigations and surveys to assist you in tube well drilling on following points:

  • What type of Drilling Method is to be used.
    (Selection of drilling method suitable to the rock types and geological structure of the area)
  • What should be the Diameter of the bore well.
    (Recommending the diameter of the bore well required depending on the depth to be attained and water required)
  • What should be the Design of the bore well.
    ( the total design of the bore well depending on the nature of strata expected to be encountered)
  • What should be the Depth of the bore well.
    (the required depth to be attained to reach ground water bearing layers)
  • Are there any Collapsible layers underground and if yes at what depth. ( if collapsible layers are encountered underground proceeding further may be difficult, unless advance preparations are made)
  • What should be the Treatment of such collapsible layers.
    (the collapsible layers are protected from caving in by various methods, we shall advise you how to do it )
  • What type and length of Casing Pipes are to be used
    ( casing pipes are very important, their type , lengths, and positioning will
    depend on the type of strata encountered, depth of water bearing zones, and thickness of collapsible layers, and all these information shall be gathered and analysed by us for recommendation of suitable casing pipes)


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