Aware (Action for Water Recharging)
A PROJECT OF Rotary Club of Indore Sankalp. 

The project AWARE was started by Rotary club of Indore Sankalp at the initiation of Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma  ( Director - S. S. Exploration Enterprises) in May'2000.

The project is aimed at educating people in and around Indore about the artificial means of recharging the ground water. The people were to be explained the techniques for recharging most suited to their area and also that artificial recharging, if adapted, shall yield good results in terms of water availability in the Future.

The project is carrying out following activities -
Water Recharging Information Centre
- A water recharging Information Centre was started at Modern Mansion, Palasia, Indore, where all necessary Technical Information such as drawings, literature etc. was provided to the general public. Currently the Centre provides its services from Anurag Nagar, Indore.

Water Recharging Information Camps -
Information Camps on Water Recharging were organised at various residential localities, public places and fairs etc. to educate people about Water Recharging. In such camps Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma explained people about the importance of Ground Water, Water Conversation and Recharging Techniques. Such camps were organised at various places including - Anand Nagar, Chitawad, Geeta Nagar, Sanchar Nagar, Vaibhav Nagar, FONOCOM'2001, Village Dakachaya, Village Umarikheda, Barfani Dham, Village Simrol.

Taking up Study of Large areas of Educational Institutes for Water Recharging - The large open areas available with educational institutions can be utilised for Ground water Recharging, and also to educate the students about the benefits of Water Conservation and Recharging. With this view a detailed study of the premises of Daly College, Indore was carried out, and a Water Recharging plan was drawn up.The Ground Water Recharging Scheme was implemented promptly by the Daly College Administration. Similar projects are being implemented at School of Energy, Indore and at Indore Tennis Club, Indore.

Ground Water Recharging for Community Benefit - Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting system was installed free of cost at Deaf and Dumb School "Sewa Mandir" at Jeevan Deep Colony, Indore. Also 1260 Roof Water Harvesting systems have been installed under the guidance of AWARE at various industrial houses as well as multistoreyed buildings such as Shalimar Malwa Enclave, Prabhadeep Apartments, etc.


Arranging seminars and talks on Ground Water Recharging:

organised lectures on ground water recharging and water conservation. The co-ordinator of the project Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma has also delivered talks on Ground Water Recharging in lectures organised by Pithampur Audyogik Sangathan, at Pithampur, on special techniques for Ground Water Recharging for Industries and industrial areas.

Another talk was aired on the All India Radio on the Independence Day, 15th of August 2001 on the topic of "Role of rural Women in Ground Water Recharging". This talk was prepared and presented jointly by Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma, and Rotary Ann Neerja Tiwari.

Rtn. Sudhindra Sharma has also delivered talks on ground water recharging addressing a conference of public representatives from rural areas arranged by Ujjain Janpad Panchayat, Ujjain. This meeting was attended by the District Collector and other top officials of Jila and Janpad Panchayats of Ujjain District.

The project AWARE is a team work co-ordinated by Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma and all the members of the Rotary club of Indore-Uptown have contributed to it but special mention must be made of Rotary Ann Mrs. Neerja Tiwari, Rotary Ann Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma, Rtn. Arun Sachdeva, Rtn. Sanjeev Gupta, Rtn. Sanjeev Tiwari, Rtn. Dr. Anant Ojha, Rtn. Sharad Tiwari, and Rotary Ann Mrs. Lalima Tiwari who have continuously devoted their time for the project


  • Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma  attended an " International Seminar on Water Management" organised by Rotary International for Zone-5, and Zone-6. Their he, as the Chairman of Water Resources group of R.I. District 3040, and Rotary District Governor Rtn. Ashok Tanted briefed R.I. President Rtn. Bill Boyd, and world co-ordinator of water resources Rtn. Ron Denham about the current practices of water conservation in R.I.District 3040.


  • Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma participated in JAL SANSAD organised by VANAVASI KALYAN PARISHAD, and Chaired by Shri Sompal Shastri, Chairman of the Planning Commission of Madhya Pradesh at Indore in Nov. 2006, and addressed the participants.


  • Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma conducted an audio-visual "Water Quiz" in the R.I.. District 3040 conference in Dec. 2006.


  • Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma addressed the National Convention of the Jain Engineers Society International Foundation on 26th Jan 2007 as the Chief Guest and Key Note speaker on the topic of "Safe Drinking Water for School Children"


Presently Rtn. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma is delivering a lecture series titled "Water for Tomorrow" in various schools in western M.P. In this lecture series project, Rtn. Sudhindra Sharma delivers a PowerPoint presentation of about 45 minutes covering various aspects of Water management and incorporating water quiz with video and audio clips.
The schools covered in this series include:
1. Choithram School,(North Campus), Indore
2. Prestige Public School,Indore
3. St. Joseph Higher Sec. School, Indore
4. SICA School, Indore
5. Vidyasagar School, Indore
6. Standard Public School, Indore
7. Sanmati School, Indore
8. Advanced Academy, Indore
This lecture series is aimed at educating students of class 7th to class 12th, about various issues concerned with water, and water management in a lucid and attractive manner. To arrange this lecture in your school, contact Rtn. Sudhindra Sharma on his phone 94250-65997, or 0731-4034634 or e-mail at



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