Ground Water Exploration
The search for ground water is called Ground Water Exploration. There are many ways by which people claim to predict where exactly ground water is available inside the earth.

Even in this modern age of highly developed science, some people still believe that water diviners and dowsers can tell them where water is?

Some of the diviners may be blessed with some divine powers but most of them just use their common sense and some experience, and in fact don't know much about ground water.

Since the chances of getting water in a tube well/ open well are lesser if done at random, it is always advisable to go for systematic , and scientific survey done to increase the chances of success.


We are equipped with the latest state of art instrumentation, (the only and first organization in private sector in M.P. and CHATTISGARH so advanced. )

  • We conduct systematic scientific investigations
  • We analyze the data with the help of computerized interpretation
  • We have highly experienced ground water consultants

we feel that we are in a better position to solve your problem of searching for ground water.


  • WHETHER to go for a tube well or an open well.
  • WHERE to drill a tube well/ dig an open well.
  • HOW DEEP the tube well should be.
  • WHAT should be the size of the tube well/open well.
  • HOW MUCH yield is expected from the proposed tube well.
  • WHAT is the general ground water potential of your land.


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